Ātaahua House Rules

We appreciate most will respect our property but the occasional abuse requires that we state the following house rules.

General Rules:

  • No Shoes are to be worn inside Ātaahua at any time (except indoor slippers).
  • Please wash and dry your feet (ensure there is no sand) before entering the house.
  • No Parties are allowed at Ātaahua at any time.
  • No Smoking in or around the property (if you must smoke please leave the premises). Please do not leave any butts on the property.
  • Consideration of our neighbours is appreciated. This is a residential area. Please ensure that there is no excess noise after 10pm especially on all balconies and the pool area. NB. our neighbours have young children.
  • Ensure all lights are switched off when going out or retiring to bed
  • All windows and doors are to be locked when going out.


  • All appliances must be cleaned after use including the BBQ. The BBQ is to be left in the same condition as you found it. If this is not adhere to a cleaning fee of $75.00 will be applied.
  • Please ensure the hood and cover of the BBQ is replaced after use. As the outdoor kitchen does not have a roof, damage can occur which you will be held liable.
  • The wiping of all benches, and tables including outdoor tables as well as the outdoor kitchen is appreciated.
  • The hardwood floors are to be swept from any crumbs that may be inadvertently spilt.
  • Clean up all spillages on the hardwood floors immediately.
  • No food or drinks are to be consumed in the bedrooms.
  • Please contact owner immediately if there are any spillages on the carpets, rugs or leather lounges.

Floors, Carpets and Linen:

  • All wheelie bags must be carried and not rolled on the hardwood floors (this includes Eskys, luggage and any item that has wheels.
  • All strollers, bikes, scooters, surfboards, fishing equipment etc. are NOT to be bought inside Ātaahua under any circumstances. Please put them in the alcove where the sporting equipment is located.
  • Ātaahua’s towels are not to be taken to the beach or away from the premises at any time.
  • Do not leave wet/damp towels on the carpet or the beds. Place wet towels in the bathrooms please.
  • Wet umbrellas or wet coats/jackets are not to be left on the entrance floor or leaning against the walls. Place all wet umbrellas in the umbrella stand and wet clothing in the laundry sink.


  1. No Running around the pool
  2. No climbing the pool fence
  3. Ensure that the pool gate is closed at all times. Do not prop open the gate
  4. No bombing
  5. No sitting on the pool cover roller (weight will break it)
  6. After using the sun lounges please put them back where you found them
  7. NSW pool regulation rules apply


  • Please do not move any of the inside furniture under any circumstances
  • Indoor furniture must not be taken outside on to the decks (including the kitchen stools) as this will result in the furniture scratching the floorboards
  • All outdoor cushions are to be bought inside when going out, going to bed, when it rains and when it is windy (failure to do so can result in damage or loss)
  • All outdoor furniture cushions on the garden deck including the hanging chair cushions are to be put away in the deck storage boxes when going out, going to bed, when it rains or when it is windy (failure to do so will result in damage or loss at your expense). Please note the hanging chair must be attached to the side posts. The hanging chair is suitable for 1 person, holds 100kg only and is not a swing.

Sporting Equipment:

  1. All equipment must be cleaned after use
  2. The door must be kept locked at all times
  3. Prior to putting the snorkelling gear away please ensure it is dry
  4. Please replace all equipment in the same way as you found it.


  • The inside garbage bins are to be emptied prior to departure
  • Do not leave any food behind on departure from Ātaahua
  • Any rubbish that may be left in the garden or under the decks is to be collected and put in the appropriate bins. A charge will apply if it has to be collected and disposed of
  • All breakages, damages or loss of any of Ātaahua’s property must be reported immediately on departure.
  • All lights and fans must be turned off, all doors must be locked, all windows must be closed and the blinds must be pulled down. You will be held liable if this is not adhere to.

Please be advised that we have outdoor security cameras covering our boundaries and entry points. These are required for not only your safety but for our insurance coverage.

Ātaahua is a private home therefore there are some areas that are out of bounds. Please respect our privacy and do not try to enter these designated areas.

Thank you for your co-operation.

We do hope you enjoy your holiday and create cherished memories!